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Институт Гелос Gelos Antiques Art Examination Institute

Нумизматика Department of Coins, Medals, Insignia & Military History
Антикварное оружие Antique Arms Department
Букинистика Book Department
Филателия Philatelic Department

Русская икона Orthodox Icon Gallery
Старинная живопись Fine Art Gallery
Гелос-Наследие Gelos Naslediye Gallery

Декоративно-прикладное искусство Decorative Art Salon
Ювелирные изделия Jewellery Department
Старинная мебель Antique Furniture Salon
Коллекционные вина Fine Wines Department

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антиквариат11th February 2009 "Big Wednesday Auction".

Auction Catalogue


антиквариат13th February 2009 "Big Friday Auction".

Auction Catalogue


антиквариат28th February 2009 "Auction of the year ".

Auction Catalogue



Dear Visitors, lots are listed and auctioned in Russian. Your English/Russian speaking contact are on:


аукцион28th February 2009
"Auction of the Year".

аукцион27th February 2009
"44th Coins & Medals Auction".

аукцион26th February 2009
"Auction of the Month".

аукцион6th February 2009
"Regular Friday Auction".

аукцион11th February 2009
"Big Wednesday Auction".

аукцион13th February 2009
"Big Friday Auction".

аукцион20th February 2009
"Regular Friday Auction".

аукцион30th of January 2009
"Auction of the Month".

8, rue Boudreau
75009 Paris
Tel.: +33 1 53 43 82 15
Fax: +33 1 53 43 82 11

Calle Ruiz de Alarcon 16,
28014 MADRID
Tel/fax: +34-91-521-3050

Herrengasse 5-2-4
1010 Wien
Tel.: 8-10-43-1-8903571
Fax: 8-10-43-1-8903571-15

ul.Celetna, 19
Praga 1
st. metro "Mustek", or "Staromestska"
Tel/fax: (420) 224 829 237

12 Hans Road, Knightsbridge, London, SW3 1RT
Tel/fax: 0207 753 7617/0207 753 7666

From 2006 Auction House Gelos has regular live auctions in its branches in St Peterburgh (Business Centre "Trizubec" - 4a Efimov Street) and Kiev (14 Petr Sagajdachnyj Street).
Auctions in St Peterburgh and Kiev are made on the same days as Moscow's auctions of the month, season and year, as well as fridays auctions.


Gelos was established in Moscow in 1988 and is renowned for being the leading Fine Art and Antiquities auctioneers throughout Russia and CIS countries. Gelos has representation throughout Europe with offices based in Paris, Madrid, Vienna, Prague, Riga and Warsaw focused on dealing with russian and international art and antiquities. We are now delighted to announce our expansion to the UK with our office based in Knightsbridge. Our maxim is to deliver our clients the highest quality of service, at the best value for money whilst maintaining attention to detail. With our team's in depth experience within the Russian art market Gelos is finely placed to offer our clients the very best value for items sold and purchased through our extensive network together with our weekly auctions.

February 2009

The Gelos Antiques Art Examination Institute established on the basis of Gelos Auction House is an exceptional (for Russia) educational institution for vocational training & continuing education in the antiques business.
Antiques Expert Examination Technique Course
The Gelos Institute invites the most diverse categories of students, ranging from beginners to certificated specialists, to take courses in expert examination and evaluation of antiques.  


Guarantees of Auction House Gelos for the items of high collection and museum level are additionally insured- for such type of items you can request the authenticity insurance certificate according to its description. With this certificate item is getting insured for the full value of price for the moment of the sell.

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Gelos Auction House of Moscow holds weekly Wednesday, Saturday and Friday antiques auctions offering a wide selection of antique items and collectibles. You may participate in our auctions at Gelos Auction House and on our website

Gelos Auction House guarantees the accuracy of auction lots' descriptions and assumes responsibility for the authenticity of information contained in lots' descriptions within 5 years.



Our website contains Internet catalogues of all antiques auctions held by Gelos Auction House. If you want to purchase from us, but are unable to participate in auction, now you are offered the opportunity to place an absentee bid via the Internet.

Live Auctions, bidding online: Terms & Conditions

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Гелос входит в Международную Конфедерацию Антикваров и Арт Дилеров
Президент Аукционного Дома Гелос Олег Стецюра вошел в состав Экспертного совета Комитета Государственной Думы по безопасности
Официальный сайт Федерального Агентства по культуре и кинематографии
Правовая поддержка
Московский Комсомолец
Аукционный Дом Друо
"Гелос" выступает Консультантом: Подкомитет ТПП РФ По оценке произведений искусства и ювелирных изделий
ЦЕРКОВЬ Преподобного Сергия Радонежского, село Трубино. Аукционный Дом Гелос рад возможности предоставить информационную помощь возрождающемуся храму.
Издательство "Нумизматическая литература"
Attention, please! Any reproduction of the materials (photos, texts) without permission of Gelos Auction House, Ltd is forbidden.
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"Gelos" Auction House Registered in England, no 06516962 Gelos London Limited 12 Hans Road, Knightsbridge London SW3 1RT
Tel.: +44 (0)20 7753 7617 Fax: +44 (0)20 7753 7666